Developed by Nature.
Made for the Restaurant Business.

PAIO – sustainable straws made from reeds. For restaurant operators with the highest standards, PAIO offers the first and only satisfactory alternative to classic plastic straws. 100% natural and 100% drinking enjoyment. PAIO straws stand out thanks to their premium look, and not a single detail disturbs the experience of your customers or the flavour of your drinks.

They All Think about the Environment. But We Also Think about Your Standards.

Reusable straws are well and good, but getting them clean after use is a complicated process. Other alternative single-use straws distort the taste experience of your cocktails, become soft on the lips of your customers, and fall apart from just stirring the drink. All sustainable alternatives come with some sort of compromise. All except PAIO, that is.  

PAIO is not only a friend of the environment, but also of bartenders. Rugged, stable, with neutral taste and odor, attractive, easy to use, and suitable for any drink thanks to its five different sizes. As a purely natural product without any discernable disadvantages, our drinking straws are therefore more than just an alternative. And they are the alternative for restaurant operators.  

Außergewöhnlich. Natürlich. Funktional.

Egal ob wiederverwendbar oder als Einwegprodukt – fast alle nachhaltigen Alternativen zum Kunststoff-Strohhalm erfordern Kompromissbereitschaft. Alle, bis auf PAIO. PAIO ist nicht nur ein Freund der Umwelt, sondern auch des Barkeepers. Stabil genug für den Einsatz als Rührstab, geschmacks- und geruchsneutral, attraktiv, angenehm zu nutzen und mit seinen vier verschiedenen Formaten passend für jedes Getränk. Als reine Naturprodukte und mit vielen weiteren Vorteilen sind unsere Trinkhalme also weit mehr als eine Alternative. Für Gastronomen sind sie DIE Alternative.

An Alternative, but No Compromise.

 PAIOPaperStrawBambusCorn starchBioplasticMetalGlass
100% sustainable
Naturally compostable
Premium appearance
Neutral taste
Pleasant mouthfeel
Stable and shatterproof
Hot and cold drinks
Disposable / convenient

Tailored to Any Drink.

With five different lengths and diameters, you can find the right PAIO straw for any drink. Upon request, we would also be happy to produce tailored sizes in accordance with your needs. We offer all straws in package units of 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 ready-to-use straws. After use, they can simply be disposed of with the organic waste or, if possible, composted. 



As a classic straw in terms of length and diameter, this option is suitable for all common highly fluid drinks.

Diameter1: 7 mm
Length: 20 cm
Suitable for: Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, bottles up to 0.2 l 

1 Diameters may vary due to natural factors.




A subtle difference in measures that makes a big impact in long drinks and highballs. 

Diameter1: 8 mm
Length: 21 cm
Suitable for: Longdrinks, highballs, bottles up to 0.2 l

1 Diameters may vary due to natural factors.




With an extra dose of length, this straw fits perfectly in longneck bottles.

Diameter1: 8 mm
Length: 25 cm
Suitable for: Jumbo long drinks, bottles up to 0.33 l

1 Diameters may vary due to natural factors.




Thanks to the greater diameter, this straw also works for thicker creamy cocktails and daiquiris. Also ideal as a stirrer or masher.

Diameter1: 9 mm
Length: 15 cm
Suitable for: Standard Cocktails

1 Diameters may vary due to natural factors.




This straw also does the job when it comes to pulp, seeds, or pieces of ice.

Diameter1: 10 mm
Length: 18 cm
Suitable for: Smoothies, shakes, cocktails

1 Diameters may vary due to natural factors.


What's Your PAIO?

You Can’t Invent Quality.
But You Can Experience It.  

PAIO represents intelligent production processes and the utmost in product quality. To get from freshly harvested reeds to drinking straws, the best straws are selected by hand and then cleaned and cut to size by machines. Our patented hygienic treatment process with 100% pure steam ensures a final product suitable according to food standards and without any of its own flavour – but with all the features of a perfect straw.  

We may be a young brand, but we’re rich in experience. As the founder and long-standing entrepreneur with generations of experience in the reed trade, Tomas Hiss stands behind our promise of quality. 

  • Perfect processing and packaging in accordance with the German Food Code (Chapter 5, Sections 30 and 31) as well as the guidelines for gastronomy, beverages, and hygiene
  • Consistent product characteristics, quality features, and dimensions  
  • Deliverable year-round, guaranteed
  • Professional sales with personal contacts


Sailor, adventurer, and merchant Matthäus Hiss lays the foundation stone for the Hiss trading company. 


One hundred years later, his descendant Peter Hiss turns the company into the market leader in reeds for roofing. 


Tom Hiss builds the company up into a leader in quality and establishes the PAIO brand. 

Still Not Convinced? Try PAIO for Yourself.

Contact us here if you would like to use PAIO in your restaurant business or if you would like to become a PAIO distributor. 

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